#CharmingTowns #TripsInIreland Hey guys, This weekend I went to Powerscourt, where the highest Ireland’s waterfall is. (120m) To get there we rented a car with GoCar. (€65 for a full day) On the way to there we stopped in Einneskerey, a charming town, to get breakfast. And then we continued to the waterfall. The place is beautiful, perfect for a Sunday picnic. And we were lucky because yesterday we had a sunny clear sky. The entrance to the are has a cost of €7 (or €6 if you are a student) Btw, Powerscourt is also famous for the Gardens, voted as the 3rd best garden in the world! (We couldn’t stop there 😞 because of timing) On the way back we made a stop to drink a pint in the highest pub in Irelanda, Johnny Fox! And after that, a delicious meal in Blackrock, to finally get back to Dublin. All this to just 1 hr from Dublin. If you are looking places near to the city, I highly recommend you this 😉

Posted by Deleted (e8fbb2ce) at 2023-04-03 12:46:34 UTC