Hello everyone! Are you ready to celebrate with our Mexican peers "El grito"? Here an interesting fact about their festivity! Mexican Independence Day is often referred to as 'El Grito' or El Grito de Independencia, a tribute to the battle cry that launched a rebellion in 1810. This historical event is commemorated every year in Mexico on the night of September 15th. People gather in the Zocalos, town squares and plazas to participate in the patriotic fervor. In the National Palace in Mexico City, the president stands on the balcony and leads the crowd in the Grito, and governors and mayors do the same in cities throughout the country. The political leader says the first part and the crowd responds "¡Viva!" following each statement.

Posted by Deleted (2c2ba2b8) at 2022-09-14 23:01:21 UTC